Brand Ambassador Program

Top tier student brand ambassadors are paired with brands to promote their unique qualities and initiatives on social media.

This program provides students with a passion for brand marketing and social media with hands-on training to become effective, creative, and positive brand managers. New and existing brands will also gain direct knowledge and experience in working with influencers and brand promoters in a safe, organic, and peer-supported setting. Students in this program will get the education, industry guidance, alumni mentorship, and skills practice needed to create an authentic and successful brand.

An Overview of the Brand Ambassador Program

This program will match brands with brand ambassadors for one year (two semesters).  Brands may be:
University Student_Athlete_Individual.png-1

University students or a university student athletes



Tech Firms.png-3

Technology Firms


U of I Startups


Non-Governmental Organization

All brands have a story to tell, a desire to grow their audience, and to engage with followers. This program is open to all qualifying undergraduate and graduate students across the campus. There are no pre-requisites for candidates.

Program Timeline

  • Students will be selected in the spring as a brand ambassador.
  • Participating brands will be selected over the summer.
  • All brands and brand ambassadors will participate in a Fall Brand Ambassador Bootcamp, which includes 2 days of training and a networking event.
  • Students will graduate the following spring and will have the opportunity to earn a Social Media Certificate.

Recommended Courses

The following courses are offered for the Social Media Certificate program:

  • ADV 290: Becoming an Influencer
  • ADV 290: Social Media and Personal Branding
  • ADV 290: Social Media and Social Justice
  • ADV 305: Media Technologies and Your Digital Life
  • ADV 480: Social Media Analytics
  • ADV 491: Digital Content and Social Media Management

Why become a Brand Ambassador? Students will learn to...

Apply advanced social media management strategies to grow the presence and influence of a personal brand

Identify emerging trends and key opportunities in social media, social listening and analytics, and user-generated content


Evaluate and mitigate legal, ethical, and privacy risks in brand reputation management

Create engaging and strategic original content for personal brands

Brand Ambassadors will ...

  • Complete the application process which includes the submission of a resume and cover letter and have a successful interview. Exemplary credentials (demonstrated experience as content creator, social media influencer or manager) preferred
  • Participate in four annual events: Fall Bootcamp, Fall Retreat, Spring Strategy Session, Spring Graduation Ceremony
  • Engage in monthly meetings with industry mentors and satisfactorily meet progress checks
  • Complete “ADV 290: Social Media and Personal Branding” course by Fall 2022
  • Complete at least one other course in the Social Media Certificate program (detailed above)

The Brand Ambassador Program is a partnership between the Hub for Brand Innovation and Advertising Technology and the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising.

For more information, please contact Susan Muirhead, Associate Director, Brand Hub at