Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We encourage creative thinking, the implementation of ideas and we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit.
Innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. The Brand Hub believes in promoting innovation through increased access to cutting edge technologies and fostering relationships with outside the box thinkers and disrupters. We also provide the resources to take the seed of an idea and turn it into a viable product that will make a lasting impression on the advertising industry. The Hub for Brand Innovation turns students into changemakers through the following trainings and collaborations.

Industry-Led Technology Bootcamps & Innovation Seminars

One of the goals of the Brand Hub is to educate students on the latest equipment, software, platforms and strategies in digital media to better prepare them for modern day careers in Advertising. These discussions and trainings stimulate growth and technological development in our students, faculty and curriculum.

Entrepreneurship Advising and Pitch Sessions

Every new, exciting product and startup began out of brainstorming, collaboration and stewardship. The Brand Hub connects students to each other and to industry partners who will listen to pitches and provide essential feedback to students, so they can refine their ideas and take their class projects to the next level.

Industry Sponsored Interdiscipilnary Hackathons & Makeathons

The Brand Hub inspires students to think on their feet and to rise to the challenge of completing a complex task in a fast paced environment. These fun, industry sponsored events give students the opportunity to flex their idea muscles and to bond with teammates from different backgrounds and disciplines.

The Sandage Innovation Award

Do you have an amazing idea and need the tools to bring your startup or product to life? The Hub for Brand Innovation, and esteemed industry partners, have established The Sandage Innovation Award program, an annual competition that recognizes honorees who have done outstanding design work in a multitude of Adtech product categories.