Research and Consulting

The Brand Hub is building off a legacy of pioneering research long associated with the University of Illinois. We are also committed to sharing our expertise with local organizations in the areas of social media, data analytics, media production and brand strategy education. The Hub for Brand Innovation ensures this dedication to exploration and people through the following studio, lab and workshops.

Sandage Studio

This studio gives elite students the opportunity to work on real world projects for internal campus units, startups, and organizations. It also offers companies the chance to work with teams of talented students to meet their advertising and promotional goals.

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Sandage Social Media Lab

A creative and collaborative lab where students receive tailored training in social media strategy along with the chance to create media assets and materials for industry and community clients.

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U of I’s Diverse Supplier Development Program Collaborator

The Brand Hub provides marketing expertise and training to the University of Illinois System’s Diverse Supplier Development Program. This initiative stems out of the Office of Procurement Diversity
and the University of Illinois Corporate Relations Council.

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