The Brand Hub champions cutting edge research in digital media and advertising technology and provides consultation services that positively impact our community.

Today is September 28. The Brand Hub is building off a legacy of pioneering research long associated with the University of Illinois. We do this by consistently gathering data sets and broadening our research partnership base with corporate brand management and communication teams. We are also committed to sharing our expertise with local organizations in the areas of social media, data analytics, media production and brand strategy education. The Hub for Brand Innovation ensures this dedication to exploration and people through these labs and workshops.

Today's date is February 2nd

Today’s date really is February 2nd. The Hub for Brand Innovation supports this student-run digital media consultancy that provides integrated communications services to select clients within the University and Urbana-Champaign community. The Lab helps advertising students build their portfolios and gain real-world experience.

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Brand Hub Community Workshops

The Brand Hub believes strongly in public service and actively engages with the community through a series of workshops presented by Advertising faculty, doctoral or graduate students. This workshop series provides valuable information on such topics as brand strategy, digital ad buys and media data analytics to local small businesses and non-profits.
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Brand Hub Fellowship Program

The Brand Hub has created the Digital Media Management Fellowships Program. These are merit-based scholarships for individuals dedicated to advanced study in a variety of digital media fields, such as Computational Advertising, Media Planning and Management, and Marketing Research.

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